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Clearing and Vault Statistics - Most Recent Figures

Friday, November 01, 2019


LBMA-i Data Now Available Daily on a T+1 Basis

As part of our continued commitment to deliver transparency for the Global OTC Precious Metals Market, LBMA have today announced an upgrade to reporting on LBMA-i precious metals data: LBMA-i reports are now available daily on a T+1 basis via the LBMA-i online service, provided and managed by Nasdaq.

Originally launched as a weekly report in November 2018, LBMA-i enables clients, traders, brokers, investors and researchers to subscribe and download daily LBMA data on trade volumes in precious metals, broken down by date and sub-asset classes, such as options and forwards.

Furthermore, we will soon be launching the LBMA-i VIPT report that displays trade volumes in price tranche increments.

For further information on the service and details of how to subscribe, please visit the lbma-i website or contact

Clearing Statistics (Daily Averages) - SEPTEMBER 2019

The volume of ounces transferred in September decreased by 18.8% month on month (m/m) to 19.8 million ounces whilst the corresponding value decreased by 17.4% to $30 billion. There were 4,026 transfers in September, 5.6% lower m/m, with the clearers settling on average 4,927 ounces per transfer, 13.2% lower m/m.


The volume of ounces transferred in September increased by 18.8% to 252.9 million ounces, with the corresponding value 25.9% higher at $4.6 billion. There were 1,682 transfers in September, up 25.2% from the previous month, with the clearers settling on average 150,327 ounces per transfer, 5.1% lower m/m.

The gold / silver price ratio averaged 83.1 in September, having fallen steadily in recent months from its record high of 90.6 in June.

Clearing statistics are published one month in arrears.

London Precious Metals Vault Holdings - JULY 2019

As at end July 2019, there were 7,811 tonnes of gold, valued at $358.5 billion and 35,479 tonnes of silver valued at $18.8 billion. This equates to approximately 624,889 gold bars and 1,182,632 silver bars. It is interesting to note that the ratio of holdings held at the Bank of England against those held in commercial vaults was 2.1 in January 2017 but has since fallen to 1.7 in July, meaning that the proportion of the total held by commercial vaults has increased.

The data represents the holdings of seven custodians offering vaulting services (all of which are LBMA members) and the Bank of England. The seven custodians comprise four security carriers (Brinks, G4S Cash Solutions (UK), Malca-Amit and Loomis International Ltd) and three clearing banks (HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank and JP Morgan). Also included are the gold holdings held at the Bank of England (not an LBMA member) which offers gold (but not silver) custodial services to central banks and certain commercial firms that facilitate central bank access to the liquidity of the London gold market. Those clearing members without their own vault operations - Scotiabank and UBS - utilise their accounts with one of the LBMA custodians or the Bank of England and therefore do not contribute to the statistics to avoid double accounting.

The historical monthly data series from July 2016, as well as other information on the London physical vault holdings can be found here on LBMA’s website.

The vault data is published monthly, three months in arrears.

Both the vault data and the clearing statistics are published on the first day of each month (in the event that the first day of the month is a UK Bank Holiday or falls on a weekend, the data will be published on the first business day of the month).

A full copy of the Press Release can be found here.