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Clearing Statistics - Most Recent Figures

Friday, June 30, 2017

LBMA Clearing Statistics - May 2017


The average price of gold in May was $1,245/oz, a decrease of 1.6% on the previous month. The average volume of ounces transferred fell by 4.8% to 20.8 million with the corresponding value transferred down by 6.4% to $25.8 billion. The number of transfers in May was 2,696, a fall of 11.9% on the previous month, with the clearers settling on average 7,697 ounces per transfer, 8% higher than the previous month.


The average price of silver in May fell by 7.2% to $16.76/oz. The volume of ounces transferred increased significantly by 21.7% to 265.7 million ounces, its highest level since February 1999. The corresponding value of ounces transferred increased by 13% to $4.45 billion, to its highest level since January 2013. The number of transfers fell by 9.1% to 1,029, with the clearers settling on average 258,111 ounces per transfer, an increase of 33.8% on the previous month.

The average gold / silver price ratio in May was 74.3, the highest ratio since June 2016.

A full copy of the Press Release can be found here.