Refining Process and Bar Production

The process of making a Good Delivery bar involves several steps.

Most Good Delivery bars are produced by casting into open moulds made from graphite or cast iron. In mid-2012, the LBMA permitted for the first time the manufacture of silver Good Delivery bars using a continuous casting process, and in 2013 the flameless tunnel casting method was approved in principle.

Each refinery has developed its own unique methods for the production of refined gold and silver, and these are closely guarded. The refining process will be dependent on the plant’s feedstock (source material) and its output (products).

Some Examples of Output Products

Examples of the products produced by refineries, in addition to GDL bars.

  • GD Bars
  • Watch parts
  • Jewellery
  • Wire
  • Electronics
  • Grain
  • Silver
  • Automotive Industry