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The Circularity of the Platinum Group Metals

Margery Ryan (PGM Strategy and Advocacy Manager, Johnson Matthey) warns that although value-driven recovery and refining of PGMs across their vast range of industrial applications has been quietly taking place for decades, increasing regulatory focus means the industry cannot rest on its laurels.

Read the full article to learn about better informing the decision-makers on how PGM recycling works today, how to mitigate the risk of unhelpful regulations, and further boost the circularity of PGMs where the opportunities exist.

LBMA Interviews... Andrew Lovell

Another highlight of this edition is our interview with Andrew Lovell, Chair of London Precious Metals Clearing (LPMCL). In this feature, Ruth Crowell (LBMA Chief Executive) interviews Andrew to explore why LPMCL was formed, how it serves the market, and finds out why LPMCL is searching for a Non-Executive Director.

Also featuring:

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Spotlights: New Members and New GDL Accreditations

Learn about new Members Deutsche Bank and Silver Bullion, and new GDL accreditation Jiangxi Lead&Zinc Metal

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