October 14, 2020

Amended Articles of Association

This week, voting Members approved changes to LBMA's Articles of Association. Thank you to all that took the time to review these and provide feedback.

These changes include the creation of a new Affiliate Member classification. Initially, the former Associate and Exchange Affiliate classifications will be assigned as Affiliate Members and this will provide a range of exciting new benefits and opportunities for them as well as enhancing the benefits afforded to Full and Market Making Members.

Work is currently being undertaken to bring our website up to date and further information surrounding the details behind these changes will be communicated shortly.

The new Articles of Association represent a necessary and essential set of improvements to the governance of LBMA. They provide a resilient platform on which the membership can grow to reflect the full diversity of the Market. They also set the conditions in which LBMA, with its Members, can continue to sustain, maintain and develop the pre-eminent standards that deliver transparency, integrity and trust across the Global Precious Metals Market.

Should Members have any immediate questions, they should be directed to membership@lbma.org.uk.