February 10, 2022

LBMA Webinars: CEO Strategy Consultation – Members’ Town Hall

In today’s webinar, LBMA’s Chief Executive Ruth Crowell launched LBMA’s Strategic Plan for 2022-24, and talked through the more immediate key priorities for 2022.

Ruth introduced the four key pillars of work underpinning the strategy for the next three years. These include the continued development of the Responsible Sourcing strategy, Physical and Financial Market enhancements as well as our increased focus on Member engagement.

Ruth spoke about the Membership survey, which was conducted in 2021, highlighting the satisfaction rate of Members, and noting the areas where improvement can be made. The survey, Ruth said, was one of several ways in which LBMA is keen to develop a two-way dialogue with Members.

Edel Tully, Head of Communications at LBMA, added that one of the main drivers behind the survey was to keep LBMA accountable. “Our objective is not just to hear the good stuff but also to hear what you need from us,” she said.

“Ultimately the goal is to have a more accessible LBMA”, added Ruth, who also outlined other ways in which LBMA will be consulting with its Members in the coming months. These include consultations on the Good Delivery criteria, a review of the Global Precious Metals Code, and the work on Gold Bar Integrity.

Members can watch the full webinar by logging into MyLBMA.