March 08, 2024

Committee News: Physical Committee

The Physical Committee met in March 2024

The recent meeting of the Physical Committee discussed several items, the key focus areas as outlined below:


The Committee was informed that Ian Warman and Vikas Chamaria had been re-elected as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.

GDL Applications Ongoing Surge

The number of applications were discussed, with a combined total of 21 applications received or expected in 2024. Solutions to manage this influx included the engagement of an additional facility for bar inspections and the expansion project of the Referee’s, which is scheduled to complete in Q2, was highlighted.


The Committee was updated on the GBI/RFP testing phase, which had now completed, with a service provider to be engaged and announced at the LBMA Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Summit.


The Committee acknowledged Tony Dean's retirement and his long-serving commitment and contribution to the work of the Committee.

If you have any issues or questions that you feel should be discussed by the Physical Committee, then please contact