December 03, 2014

Discontinuation of GOFO wef 30 January 2015

The Gold Forward Offered Rate (GOFO) dataset will be discontinued and no longer be published after 30 January, 2015.

Gold IRS market participants looking to wind down existing trades, are encouraged to contact TriOptima’s triReduce Team (details below) to sign up to the forthcoming compression cycle to terminate outstanding contracts. All participants will have the opportunity to assess their compression potential at the Dress Rehearsal stage, ahead of Live Execution.

For more information and background on TriOptima, please take part in the Conference Call scheduled for 15:30 (GMT) Thursday, 4th December.

triReduce Commodities Precious Metals Compression Cycle Schedule:

Sign-up deadline: 12 PM noon, Friday, 5 December

Trade linking: Monday, 8 December - Thursday, 11 December

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, 11 December - Friday, 12 December

Live execution: Tuesday, 16 December - Wednesday, 17 December

To participate in the call, or if you have any questions or require further information, please contact the TriOptima team using the contact details below.

Mattias Palm, Stockholm: +46 8 545 25 131;

Carlen Bielawski, London: +44 207 382 2730;

Matthew Baker, London: +44 207 382 2747;

Samuel Hyman, New York: +1 646 744 0424;