October 26, 2022

Hindustan Zinc Reinstated to Good Delivery List

As of Tuesday, 4 October, 2022, Hindustan Zinc is reinstated to LBMA’s Good Delivery List (GDL). All gold and silver refined during the suspension is considered to be compliant with GDL rules and, therefore, Good Delivery.

LBMA initiated the suspension on 18 July after the Refiner failed to meet the requirements of the Responsible Sourcing Programme. With the satisfactory submission of its 2021 annual assurance reports, LBMA considers the matter to be closed. 


The London Good Delivery List of Acceptable Refiners of gold and silver is maintained by LBMA, by whom it is copyrighted.  It lists those refineries whose gold and silver bars have been found, when originally tested, to meet the required standard for acceptability in the London bullion market.

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