December 05, 2023

LBMA 2023 Annual Report

85% Member satisfaction achieved as we approach third year of Three-Year Strategy

LBMA is pleased to publish its latest Annual Report, reflecting on our work over the last year as the standard setting organisation for the global precious metals market.

As we approach the end of the second year of our Three-Year Strategy, I am delighted to report that our second year has been an intense, but successful one, laying the groundwork for an exciting finale in 2024.

Read the full Annual Report for updates on how LBMA’s major initiatives have gained momentum this year, as well as the inroads made towards a more accessible LBMA.

Don’t miss further updates on our Responsible Sourcing agenda, physical and financial market enhancements, and a roundup of our membership, communications and engagement over the last year.

And as 2024 marks a decade of my tenure as CEO, I look back over the growth and change I’ve overseen during this time.

Ruth Crowell