October 29, 2018

LBMA announce launch date for publication of market data

LBMA have today announced the launch date of 20 November 2018 to publish their precious metals market data through their trade reporting service, LBMA-i.

The announcement will cover LBMA’s membership share of the loco London and loco Zurich OTC market and will reflect 5 day aggregate of trade data, with the intention of moving to daily reporting three months later. All LBMA Full Members, who trade in the precious metals markets, are expected to report trade data to the LBMA-i.

The service is provided and managed by Simplitium, using daily market data reported electronically by LBMA members and will be available to all market data vendors by license.

Ruth Crowell, CEO of LBMA:

“This initiative is the result of many months of hard work with all our Market Makers and Members working with our technology provider, Simplitium, to bring increased transparency to the precious metals markets. The publication of LBMA market data can only strengthen the integrity and improve the reputation and position of the Global OTC market.”

Market data vendors should contact the following on connectivity and licencing at


Members should contact the following for further information.


Tel: +44 (0)20 7796 3067

For more information about LBMA-i, please visit www.lbma-i.com/market-data