January 24, 2024

LBMA Launches Good Delivery Sourcing Advisory

Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe

LBMA is pleased to launch its Sourcing Advisory, created as part of its ongoing support for Refiners improving their responsible sourcing processes.

This Advisory is intended to raise awareness of Good Delivery List (GDL) Refiners and Assurance Providers (APs) to ad hoc sourcing threats and vulnerabilities brought to LBMA’s attention. It includes information and links to external references.

Please note that LBMA has not verified the accuracy or authenticity of all the referenced articles and the information herein should not be considered a definitive record of possible sourcing threats in the highlighted jurisdictions. Information shared with Refiners and APs is done so with the purpose and intention of sharing market intelligence, raising awareness of supply chain risks, and supporting proactive due diligence monitoring and risk mitigation. Refiners are expected to apply the appropriate enhanced due diligence measures on potentially affected supply chains and report any adverse findings to LBMA.

Please also note that LBMA has published several new Responsible Sourcing Programme documents for use in 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the Sourcing Advisory or the Responsible Sourcing document updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch at responsible.sourcing@lbma.org.uk.