September 21, 2023

LBMA Launches New Podcast: Compliance Cosy Chat

Episode 1 - Cracking the Code with Rui Correia: The Global Precious Metals Code and Continuous Learning

In the inaugural episode of Compliance Cosy Chat, we explore the Global Precious Metals Code (GPMC) with a focus on training. We were fortunate to have Rui Correia from ACI FMA as our guest. Rui shared invaluable insights into their training platform, designed to support members in meeting the training requirements of the GPMC.


About the Podcast

"Compliance Cosy Chat" is your cosy corner of the internet for engaging discussions about compliance, regulations, precious metals, and everything in between. Hosted by Graham Jelf, our Compliance Officer, and Emmy Richardson, our Senior Compliance Associate, this podcast aims to provide you with rich insights, experiences, and expertise from our esteemed guests.

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