November 09, 2021

LBMA Publishes Responsible Sourcing Report 2021

LBMA has launched its second annual Responsible Sourcing Report.

The report aims to increase the transparency of the LBMA Responsible Sourcing Programme (Programme). It reviews the refiners’ and auditors’ performance during the previous 12 months and provides details on the Country of Origin (CoO) of where Good Delivery List (GDL) refiners source mine supply and refine gold around the world.

This CoO data is vital to understand the more granular detail and insight on gold and silver flows. The report also highlights the key aspects of the Responsible Gold Guidance version 9 which comes into effect for all GDL refiners from January 2022.

Find out more

On Thursday, 25 November at 3-4PM GMT we will be hosting a special webinar to mark the launch of the report, which will highlight its key aspects and provide an opportunity for you to ask any pressing questions you may have.

You can register here for the webinar