On Monday, 12 December 2022, Nasdaq will introduce enhancements to the publication of LBMA Trade Data (TD) by launching a brand new Options Strike price report and simplifying the deferral regime to increase transparency.

Short Dated Options Strike Price Reports

In response to customer feedback and demand, Nasdaq will introduce a new LBMA TD report for short dated options strikes, providing more insights into options with a short maturity date (less than 5 weeks), the most liquid strike prices trades across the market and the volumes traded at each strike. This market data will help traders and all market participants gage liquidity and make valuable and informed assessments of the OTC options market like never before.

Existing subscribers of the LBMA Trade Data will automatically get the new options reports available to them in FDS. Feel free to request a sample of the new data available. More information about the data set can be found via the Factsheet.

Deferral Regime

Nasdaq are simplifying the regime by which trade information is deferred by creating an easy to understand standard across all deferred trades reported to LBMA Trade Data. Up to now, deferrals are 5 or 14 days depending on metal and size of the trade. From December 12, trades will be deferred based on metal, product type and volume size; the deferral period reduces to 2 days across all metals and products.

LBMA Trade Data is owned by LBMA and licensed by Nasdaq. LBMA Trade Data is a transparency service for the precious metals market delivered by Nasdaq. LBMA Trade Data is collated and aggregated from LBMA Members. The service was formed to meet LBMA’s demand for a trade reporting service that improves transparency and demonstrates liquidity in the global OTC precious metals market. For more information please visit www.nasdaq.com/LBMA-Trade-Data.