July 07, 2021

London Gold and Silver Vault Data for June 2021 Published

As at end June 2021, the amount of silver held in London vaults hit a record high of 36,706 tonnes, valued at $30.4 billion which equates to approximately 1,223,521 silver bars.

There was also 9,587 tonnes of gold, valued at $543.5 billion, which equates to approximately 766,989 gold bars. This represents the second highest stocks on record after the all-time high recorded at the end of January 2021.

These figures provide an important insight into London’s ability to underpin the physical OTC market.

The publication on the fifth business day of each month of the amount of gold the London vaults were holding at the end of the previous month follows the recent move to publish the equivalent data for silver. It represents a continued move towards greater transparency and timeliness.