March 05, 2021

London Vault Holdings of Silver – End February 2021

In a move towards greater transparency and timeliness the London vaults will on the 5th business day of each month publish the amount of silver they were holding at the end of the previous month. These figures provide an important insight into London’s ability to underpin the physical OTC market.

As at end February 2021, there were 34,996 tonnes of silver, valued at $30 billion. This equates to approximately 1,166,540 silver bars. This represents a 1.89% increase in volume of holdings from the previous month. For further details including historical data please refer to our website.

Vault Holdings of Silver (end month. Troy ounces, ‘000s)

2019 2020 2021
January 1,146,502 1,65,549 1,104,241
February 1,148,400 1,170,061 1,125,154
March 1,163,695 1,175,737
April 1,159,570 1,146,719
May 1,152,110 1,145,072
June 1,143,018 1,115,657
July 1,140,675 1,093,482
August 1,145,738 1,073,500
September 1,146,308 1,077,299
October 1,153,427 1,075,121
November 1,160,517 1,076,242
December 1,162,162 1,080,538

LBMA are also working towards publishing the gold vault numbers on a similar basis in the future.

The data represents the holdings of six custodians offering vaulting services (all of which are LBMA members). They comprise three security carriers (Brinks, Malca-Amit and Loomis International Ltd) and three clearing banks (HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank and JP Morgan).