London Precious Metals Clearing Limited (LPMCL) is a Private Limited Company with equity ownership between HSBC, JP Morgan, UBS and ICBC Standard Bank.

LPMCL is seeking a Non-Executive Director (NED) to broaden the diverse knowledge and skills of its Board. The current Board is composed of four directors and four alternate directors. These Directors are appointed by the Shareholding Banks in accordance with the Rules of the LPMCL. LBMA provides several company secretarial services to the LPMCL under a Service Level Agreement.

The Non-Executive Director role comprises:

  • Fulfilling Director responsibilities to act as an unbiased objective and impartial member of LPMCL.
  • a three-year term, with potential extension.
  • 1-3 days per month, flexible approach required.
  • Negotiable compensation.

As a NED, you will play a key part in the decision-making process on operational and strategic issues and act as a consultant to and mentor for the Board members, in so far as this does not compromise the independence of the NED.

Reporting to shareholders via their appointed Directors, you will ensure that the organisation has a robust, workable, and viable strategy for uninterrupted precious metals clearing and the development of services for Members and the wider market.

To find out more about this role, you can read more on the LPMCL website or contact