This week, LBMA’s work on Responsible Sourcing has been the highlight of precious metals events around the world.

The aXedras Bullion Integrity Forum welcomed Sakhila Mirza (Executive Director of the Board and General Counsel, LBMA) as she talked about the future of the digital ecosystem growth.

“For global adoption of blockchain technology in the gold market, it’s clear that work is required on interoperability, taxonomy, data standards, and governance,” she said. “The forum was helpful to highlight some of the use cases, and what needs to happen in order to understand how technology can support market efficiencies.” The aXedras Bullion Integrity Forum focuses on connecting and digitalising the precious metals industry.

Meanwhile, Ed Blight (Finance Director, LBMA) and Neil Harby (Chief Technical Officer, LBMA) attended the IPMI event in Arizona, USA, presenting on Responsible Sourcing. The event – IPMI’s 47th annual Conference – brings together industry leaders for in-depth discussions on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

“The IPMI Conference is a really good opportunity to connect with Members and Refiners and it was great to catch up with so many,” said Neil Harby. “The Responsible Sourcing session was well attended and there was good engagement. It is also clear that there is work to be done on defining definitions and a taxonomy, especially concerning recycled gold.”

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