LBMA launches its Spotlight on Gold Recycling report, prepared by Metals Focus, which explores the importance of recycling within the broader bullion market and its influence on the gold price.

In the period 2010-21, recycling (or old scrap) accounting for a substantial 28% of the total global gold supply, and of that, old jewellery accounted for well over 90% of total scrap.

Recycling has the potential to be a significant driver of the gold price. However, the key driver of scrap volumes is the gold price. Recycling, therefore, is much more likely to be a price taker, rather than a price maker.  

Across six chapters the report looks at the profile of recycled gold and the categories within which the material falls, recycling's contribution to the overall gold supply, its importance as a price driver and the regional division in the use of recycled gold.