A status update on the oral history project which Michele is undertaking on behalf of the LBMA. As part of the project she will be conducting interviews with market participants to complement written records. She would be happy to hear from you if you would like to participate in the project. Read full article Michele Blagg, Institute of

Contemporary British History. Michele Blagg (BA(hons),

MA, PhD) is a visiting

Research Associate at the

Institute Of Contemporary

British History(ICBH). As part of a collaborative

doctoral award granted by the Art’s and

Humanities Research Council, she was based

at the Rothschild Archive, London. Her doctoral

research focused on the Royal Mint Refinery,

operated by N M Rothschild & Sons between

1852 and 1968, and how it adapted to the

changed London gold market. Her areas of

interest are in financial and business history

with special regard for the actors and networks

located in the London market. Her publications

include ‘Gold Refining in London: The End of the

Rainbow, 1919-20’ in The Global Gold Market

and the International Monetary system from the

late 19th century to the present (forthcoming,

2013); ‘The Royal Mint Refinery, a business

adapting to change’ in Business Archives Council,

Sources and History. She teaches on the ICBH

MA in Contemporary British History and assists

with the Witness Seminar Programme. She sits

on the Business Archives Council Executive and

is involved in the annual ‘Meet the Archivists’

workshop held in the City that aims to explore

ways in which research students can identify

and use business records in a variety of different

research fields.