LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2011 - Montreal

Please note some presentations slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

19 September

Opening Session

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

David Gornall
Senior Advisor, LBMA, and Chairman June 2011 to July 2014

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Pierre Lassonde
Chairman, Franco-Nevada

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Barbara Ridpath
Chief Executive, International Centre for Financial Regulation

Session 2: Precious Metals Investment – Laying the Foundation

Chairman – Steven Lowe, Managing Director, Bank of Nova Scotia - ScotiaMocatta

Dr Avery Shenfeld
Managing Director & Chief Economist, CIBC

John Fallon
President, Pia Capital Management

James Steel
Chief Precious Metals Analyst, HSBC Bank USA NA

Douglas J. Hepworth
CFA, Director of Research, Gresham Investment ManagementLLC

Session 3: Precious Metals Investment – The Hedge Fund View

Chairman – J. Anthony Boeckh, President, Boeckh Investments Inc.

Jerome Berset
Senior Hedge Fund Analyst, Palaedino Asset Management

Jean-François Pages
CEO, Swiss Precious Metals Pte. Ltd.

Som Seif
CEO, Claymore Investments Inc

Christophe Eibl
CEO, Tiberius Asset Management

Session 4: PGMs Fundamentals – Filtering Fact from Fiction

Chairman – Tom Kendall, Research Analyst - Precious Metals, Credit Suisse

Ben Tiley
Global Account Manager, Johnson Matthey Inc.

Stuart Murray
Non-Executive Chairman and Director, Sylvania Platinum Limited

David Jollie
Head of Sales and Market Insight, Anglo American Platinum

Day Two

20 September

Session 5: China & India - the Evolution of Golden Giants

Chairman – Albert Cheng, Managing Director, Far East, World Gold Council

Wai-Chan Chan
Director, Partner, OC&C, Greater China

Zhao Wenjian
Deputy General Manager, ICBC Precious Metal Department

Rujan Panjwani
President, Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Session 6: Silver Session - No Longer the Poor Man’s Gold?

Sponsored by The Silver Institute

Chairman – Michael DiRienzo, Executive Director, Silver Institute

Philip Newman
Managing Director, Metals Focus

Terry Hanlon
President, Dillon Gage Metals

Andy London
Global Manager of Photovoltaic Business, Heraeus Materials Technology LLP

Session 7: Threats, Myths and Opportunities – the Grand Debate

Chairman – Tim Wilson, Managing Director, JPMorgan

Grant Angwin, General Manager, Johnson Matthey

Raymond Key, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank

Trevor Raymond, Head: Market Relations, Anglo Platinum Ltd

Jon Spall, Product Manager – Precious Metals, Barclays Capital

Session 8: Delegate Feedback & Closing Session

Chairman – Stewart Murray, Chief Executive, LBMA

Edel Tully
Head of Communications, LBMA

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

Bullion Market Regulation Workshop: Responsible Gold

Chairman – Ruth Crowell, Commercial Director, LBMA

Tyler Gillard

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

John Bullock
Attorney, IPMI