LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2003 - Lisbon

Please note some presentations slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

2 June

Opening Session

Stewart Murray
Chief Executive, LBMA

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Teresa Maury
Vice-Mayor of Lisbon

Simon Weeks
Chairman, LBMA

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José Agostinho Martins de Matos
Deputy Governor, Bank of Portugal

Grigori A. Marchenko
National Bank of Kazakhstan

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Kamal Naqvi
Macquarie Bank

Session 2: Gold Investment

Session Chairman: Frédéric Lasserre - Société Générale

Diego Parrilla
Goldman Sachs

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Steve Mathews
Tudor Investment Corporation

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John Reade
UBS Warburg

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Graham Tuckwell
Gold Bullion Limited

Session 3: Mining

Chairman: Martin Fraenkel, N. M. Rothschild & Sons

Anita Roper
International Council on Mining and Metals

Bernard Swanepoel
Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd

German Pikhoya
CJSC Gold Mining Company Polyus

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Rex McLennan
Placer Dome Inc

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Session 4: A New Era for Gold?

Chairman: Martin Stokes, JP Morgan Chase

Shen Xiang Rong
Chairman, Shanghai Gold Exchange

Martin Stokes
Chairman, LBMA

Narendra Gupta
ICICI Bank Limited

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Jessica Cross
Virtual Metals Research & Consulting

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Gerald Ashley

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Day Two

3 June

Session 5: Above-Ground Stocks

Chairman: Jonathan Spall, Deutsche Bank

Graham Young
Bank of England

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Xavier van Houte
Umicore Precious Metals

Alan Williamson
HSBC Bank Plc

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Session 6: Physical Demand

Chairman: Paul Walker, GFMS

Tawhid Abdullah
Damas Jewellery Group

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Sarah Davanzo
gold® Limited

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Chris Corti
World Gold Council

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Session 7: Future Prospects

Chairman: Simon Weeks, Chairman, LBMA

Philip Klapwijk
Executive Chairman, GFMS Ltd

Kevin Crisp
Dresdner Bank AG (London Branch)

Andy Smith
Principal Commodities Analyst, Mitsui & Co Precious Metals Inc. (London Branch)

Bernhard Schnellmann