LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2004 - Shanghai

Please note some presentation slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

6 September

Opening Session

Simon Weeks
Former LBMA Chairman

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Han Zheng
Mayor of Shanghai

Zhou Xiaochuan
Governor, The People’s Bank of China

Shen Xiang Rong
Chairman, Shanghai Gold Exchange

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Robert Friedland
Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

Session 2: Diversification – Balancing Risk and Reward

Chairman: Paul Fisher, Head of Foreign Exchange Division, Bank of England

Jean-François Rigaudy
Head of Treasury, Bank for International Settlements

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Jelle Beenen
Manager, Commodities & Quantitative Strategies, PGGM Investments

Markus Mezger
Senior Portfolio Manager, BW Bank

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Session 3A: Mining Supply Workshop

Chairman - Paul Burton, Editor & Publisher, World Gold

Han Cao
Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation

Mzolisi Diliza
Chief Executive, Chamber of Mines of South Africa

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David Cox
Vice President Sales, Metals Economics Group

Session 3B: Growing the Investment Market Workshop

Chairman - Kevin Crisp, Head of Marketing, Koch Metals Trading Ltd

Albert Getz
Senior Director, Metals Research, NYMEX

Katharine Pulvermacher
Manager, Asset Allocation Research, World Gold Council

Bob H. Takai
General Manager, Commodity Business Department, Sumitomo Corporation

Wang Zhe
Managing Director, Shanghai Gold Exchange

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Session 3C: Industrial Applications Workshop

Chairman - Serge Gambs, Head of Marketing & Sales, Refining Division, Metalor Technologies SA

Jessica Cross
CEO, Virtual Metals

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Ichimitsu Itabashi and Hiroshi Sawai
Tanaka KK

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Mike Steel
Market Research Director, Johnson Matthey PLC

Session 3D: Growing the Jewellery Market Workshop

Chairman - Paul Walker, CEO, GFMS Ltd

Paul Walker
Chief Executive Officer, GFMS Ltd

Harish Bhat
Chief Operating Officer, Tanishq, Titan Industries Limited

Tawhid Abdullah
Chief Executive, Damas Jewellery Group

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James Courage
Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Guild International (UK

Philip Olden
Managing Director, Marketing and Jewellery, World Gold Council

Day 2

7 September

Session 4: Discovering China – Myth vs. Reality

Chairman - Jonathan Anderson, Head of Asia Economics, UBS

Duke Lee
Shanghai Prime Platinum Jewelry Ltd

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John Adams
Director, China Financial Services Ltd

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Jin Haiming
Manager, Antaike Information Development Co Ltd.

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Session 5: Forecasting the Future

Chairman - Martin Murenbeeld, President, M Murenbeeld & Assoc Inc

Martin Murenbeeld
President, M Murenbeeld & Assoc Inc

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Dennis Gartman
The Gartman Letter

James Kynge
Emerging Markets Editor and Associate Editor, Financial Times

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Kamal Naqvi
Barclays Capital, Chairman, LBMA Public Affairs Committee