LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2007 - Mumbai

Please note some presentation slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

18 November

Opening Session

Sanjiv Batra
Chairman & Managing Director of MMTC

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

Jeremy Charles
Former LBMA Chairman

Mr O P Bhatt
Chairman, State Bank of India

John Simpson
CBE, BBC World Affairs Editor

Session 2: Investment Efficiency in Precious Metals

Chairman – James Burton, CEO, World Gold Council

David Holmes
Senior Vice President, Trading & Sales, Heraeus Precious Metals

Sunil Kashyap
Managing Director, Finmet PTe

Jignesh Shah
Managing Director, MCX

Trevor Steel
Managing Partner, Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP

Session 3a: Jewellery Markets

Chairman – Philip Klapwijk, Chairman, GFMS Ltd

Philip Klapwijk
Managing Director, Precious Metals Insights Limited

Albert Cheng
Advisor to World Gold Council

James Courage
Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Guild International (UK

Jattin Mehta
Chairman, Su-Raj Diamonds (India) Ltd

Session 3b: Mining

Chairman – Emma Jenkins, Director, EJJ International Limited

James Mavor
Vice President and Treasurer, Barrick Gold Corporation

Stephen A Forrest
Director, Principal Analyst, SFA (Oxford) Limited

Day 2

20 November

Session 4a: Industrial Demand

Chairman – Ross Norman, Director, TheBullionDesk

Chris Corti
Managing Director, COReGold Technology Consultancy, Consultant to World Gold Council

Bhargava Vaidya
BN Vaidya & Associates

Bhargava Vaidya
BN Vaidya & Associates

Tom Kendall
Metals Strategist, Mitsubishi Corporation UK

Session 4b: Official Sector

Chairman – Michael Paprotta, Member of the Management, Swiss National Bank

Michael Paprotta
Member of the Management, Swiss National Bank

Terrence Keeley
Managing Director – Client Relationship Director, UBS

Raymond Key
Global Head of Metals Trading, Deutsche Bank

Session 5: The Super Cycle

Chairman – James Steel, Analyst, HSBC Bank USA

Alan Heap
Managing Director – Global Commodities, Australia/New Zealand Equity Research, Citibank

David Fernandez
Head of Asia Sovereign Research, JPMorgan Chase Bank

Session 6: Debate

Chairman – Stewart Murray, Chief Executive, LBMA

For: Jeffrey Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer, INTL Commodities DMCC
Against: David Davis, Mining Investment Analyst, Credit Suisse Standard Securities

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

Jeffrey Rhodes

David Davis
Mining Investment Analyst, Credit Suisse Standard Securities

Kamal Naqvi
Director – Commodities – Head of Hedge/Institutional Fund Sales, Credit Suisse Inc