LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference 2012 - Hong Kong

Please note some presentation slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

12 November

Opening Session

Welcome Remarks

Stewart Murray
LBMA CEO (September 1999 - December 2013)

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David Gornall
LBMA Chairman and Global Head of Precious Metals Trading, Natixis London Branch

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Peter Smith
LPPM Chairman and Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase Bank

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Haywood Cheung
President, Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society

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Wang Zhe
Chairman, Shanghai Gold Exchange

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Chu Juehai
Executive Vice President, Shanghai Futures Exchange

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Xie Duo
General Director, People's Bank of China (PBOC)

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Yu Yongding
Professor, Institute of World Economics and Politics, former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the PBOC

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Session 2: Precious Metals Investment

Chairman – John Reade, Senior Vice President, Paulson & Co

Marc Faber
Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”

Charles Morris
Head of Global Asset Management, HSBC

Bob Greer
Executive Vice President and Manager of Real Return Products, PIMCO

Graham Tuckwell
Chairman, ETFS Capital

Session 3: China / Asia

Chairman – Albert Cheng, Managing Director, Far East, World Gold Council

Albert Cheng
Advisor to World Gold Council

Zheng Zhiguang
General Manager, Precious Metals Dept, ICBC Asian Trends - New Markets, New Opportunities

Cheng Thye Ng
Managing Director, Head of Precious Metals, Asia, Standard Bank

Howard Chen
Chairman, Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp

Session 4: PGMs: Fundamental Drivers in a Changing World

Chairman – David Jollie, Strategic Analyst, Mitsui & Co. Precious Metals Inc.

Derek Engelbrecht
Group Executive Marketing, Impala Platinum Holdings Limited

James Courage
Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Guild International (UK

Friedemann Rohr
Senior Manager Systems Integration Research & Technology

Session 5: Jewellery

Chairman – Philip Klapwijk, Global Head of Metals Analytics, Thomson Reuters GFMS

Philip Klapwijk
Managing Director, Precious Metals Insights Limited

Kent Wong Siu-Kee
Managing Director, Chow Tai Fook

Shekhar Bhandari
Senior EVP & Business Head – Global Transaction Banking & Precious Metals, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Jochen Schlessmann
Head of Recycling Division Hong Kong, Heraeus

Philip Olden
Consultant to Signet Jewelers

Session 6: Gold Reserves and Potential Supply: Underground and Above Ground

Chairman – Suki Cooper, Precious Metals Analyst, Barclays

Jamie Sokalsky
Barrick Gold Corporation

Lan Fusheng
Vice Chairman, Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd

Ashish Bhatia
Manager, Government Affairs, World Gold Council

Session 7: Reading the Tea Leaves

Chairman - Steven Lowe, Managing Director, Bank of Nova Scotia -ScotiaMocatta

Ryan Byrne
Global Precious Metals Manager, Jefferies Bache Limited

John Levin
Global Head of Metal Sales, ANZ

Kamal Naqvi
Director – Commodities – Head of Hedge/Institutional Fund Sales, Credit Suisse Inc

David MS Wang
Executive Director, Greater China Metals Marketing, JPMorgan

Session 8: Delegate Feedback & Closing Session

Chairman – Stewart Murray, Chief Executive, LBMA

Tom Kendall
Managing Director, Global Head of Metal Sales at ICBC-S

Peter Duncan
General Manager, Johnson Matthey

Tim Pearce
LPPM Chairman and General Manager, Johnson Matthey

Mike Gross
General Manager, Johnson Matthey Pacific