LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2014 - Peru

Please note some presentations slides and speeches are not available online, please contact for further information.

Programme of sessions and speakers

Day 1

10 November

Opening Session

Grant Angwin
President, Angwin Precious Metals Advisory Services

Marisol Espinoza
Vice President of Peru

Ruth Crowell
Chief Executive, LBMA

Eva Arias
President, Sociedad Nacional de Mineria Petroleo Y Energia

Wolfgang Münchau
Associate Editor, Financial Times

Session 2: Precious Metals Investment Panel: Damaged Collateral or Still the Ultimate Asset?

Moderator: Wolfgang Münchau, Associate Editor, Financial Times

Tom Kendall
Metals Strategist, Mitsubishi Corporation UK

Sid Mitra
Portfolio Manager, Passport Capital

Michael Sheehan
Precious Metals Portfolio Manager, Redkite Capital Management LLP

Joe Wickwire
Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments

Session 3: Official Sector Session

Moderator: David Marsh, Chairman of OMFIF

Juan Ignacio Basco
Deputy General Manager, Central Bank of Argentina

Evariste Lefeuvre
Chief Economist, Natixis North America

Alexandre Gautier
Director of Market Operations Department, Banque de France

Session 3a: Gold Price Briefing

Chairman – Ruth Crowell, Chief Executive, LBMA

Finbarr Hutcheson, ICE Benchmark Administration
Matthew Glenville, ICE Benchmark Administration

Day 2

11 November

Session 4: Mining & Production: When in a Hole Stop Digging

Moderator: Frank Tweddle, Principal Partner, Andes Mining Research SAC

Roque Benavides
CEO, Compania de Minas Buenaventura

Stuart Murray
Non-Executive Chairman and Director, Sylvania Platinum Limited

Mike Bunch
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Summit Mining International Inc.

Session 5: Precious Metals Physical Markets - Global View

Moderator: John Levin, Global Head of Metal Sales, ANZ

Jeremy Coombes

Grant Angwin
President, Angwin Precious Metals Advisory Services

Sunil Kashyap
Managing Director, Bank of Scotia-Mocatta

John Levin
Global Head of Metal Sales, ANZ

Session 6: Hot Topics Facing the Precious Metals Market

Moderator: Jon Spall, Managing Director, GCUBED Metals Ltd

Panel Discussion:
Roque Benavides, CEO, Compania de Minas Buenaventura
Katarina Cvijovic, Managing Director, Standard Bank
Amrik Sandhu, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Rajesh Khosla, Managing Director, MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd

Session 7: Delegate Feedback & Closing Session

Chairman – Ruth Crowell, Chief Executive, LBMA

John Reade
Chief Market Strategist, World Gold Council

Ross Norman
CEO, Metals Daily

Ruth Crowell
Chief Executive, LBMA

The LBMA-RJC Responsible Gold Forum 2014
Mining: Building a Business Case for Responsible Practices

Chair - Javier Velarde, Vice President, Newmont

Pavell Galvez Orozco
General Manager, Minera Yanaquihua S.A.C

Cristina Echavarria
Executive Board Member, Alliance for Responsible Mining

Thomas Hentschel
Swiss Better Gold Initiative

Guido Battaglia
Director, Gold for Development, World Gold Council

Refining: the Challenges of Being a ‘Choke Point’

Chair – Tyler Gillard, OECD

Mehdi Barkhordar

Neil Harby
Chief Technical Officer, LBMA

Harrison Mitchel
Director and Head of Due Diligence and Responsible Supply Chains, RCS Global


Chair – Thomas Hentschel, Swiss Better Gold Initiative

Jennifer Horning
International Programme Coordinator, Solidaridad

Mathieu Lamolle
Market Analyst - International Trade Centre (ITC) - Standards Map