Annual Forecast Survey

The LBMA Annual Precious Metals Forecast Survey is widely regarded as the most prestigious survey in the precious metals calendar.

The aim of the Forecast Survey is for contributors to predict, as accurately as possible, the average price and range (average high and low price) for the year ahead for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The Forecast Survey is published in January each year. The leading precious metals analysts are required to submit their average price forecasts for the year ahead as well as the range (low and high price). Analysts can submit for all metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) or any combination of them. As well as the forecast numbers analysts are required to provide commentary to support their price predictions. A ounce gold bar is awarded to the contributor whose price forecast is closest to the actual annual average price in each metal category. In the event of a tie the forecast range is taken into account. Read the latest Forecast Survey for 2020, published on 3 February, 2020.

The LBMA's Public Affairs Committee is responsible for approving all applications to contribute to the Survey. The decision whether to approve an application is based on a combination of the relevant expertise, the analytical and forecasting ability of the individual concerned, as well as the reputation and standing of the institution that they represent. Such an application process protects the integrity of the Forecast Survey and helps ensure that it continues to remain one of the most prestigious Forecast Surveys in the international precious metals market.

The results of the 2019 Forecast Survey have recently been published. Congratulations to the winners, Rene Hochreiter and Rhona O'Connell (tied for gold), Bernard Dahdah (silver), Bernard Dahdah and Frederic Panizzutti (tied for platinum) and Ross Norman (palladium). For further details please refer to the summary here.

If you would like to apply to participate in the Annual Forecast Survey please send your bio, together with a brief commentary to support your application, to Aelred Connelly, Public Relations Officer at the LBMA at