Precious Metals Prices

London is home to the international prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

The gold, silver, platinum and palladium price auctions take place in London on a daily basis. All of these prices are internationally regarded as the pricing mechanism for a variety of precious metal transactions and products.

The prices for all four metals on this page are published with a delay. Prices are published at midnight London time on the day that the prices are set. This is in line with the arrangements for delayed redistribution with the administrators, IBA and LME. Customers that wish to access the LBMA prices in real-time should contact a market data redistributor or the administrators.

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Dates when LBMA Precious Metal Prices are not published

LBMA Precious Metal Prices are not published on either weekends or those days designated as UK bank holidays. To view a schedule of dates next year (and beyond) when the gold and silver prices will not be published please refer to ICE-IBA's website by clicking here. The LBMA Platinum and Palladium Prices schedule, for dates when prices are not published, will be the same as that for the LBMA Gold Price.