Determination of residual elements by spectrographic analysis

GD applicants and Refiners undergoing PAM which use spectrographic analysis for determining the assays of their materials are responsible for identifying and analysing all residual elements present in their Bars or dip samples.

The list shown below is not intended to be prescriptive as far as Refiners are concerned. It merely indicates the elements that the Referees will typically look for when analysing gold and silver samples by spectrographic methods.

Residual Elements

Element Gold Silver
Gold – Au   X
Silver – Ag X  
Platinum - Pt X X
Palladium - Pd X X
Rhodium – Rh X  
Iridium – Ir X  
Ruthenium – Ru X  
Aluminum - Al X X
As - Arsenic X X
Bi - Bismuth X X
Ca - Calcium X X
Cd - Cadmium X X
Co - Cobalt X X
Cr - Chromium X X
Cu - Copper X X
Fe - Iron X X
In - Indium   X
Mg – Magnesium X X
Mn - Manganese X X
Pb - Lead X X
Ni - Nickel X X
Sb - Antimony X X
Se - Selenium X X
Si - Silicon X X
Sn - Tin X X
Te – Tellurium X X
Ti – Titanium X  
Zn – Zinc X X