The guidelines in this document seek to ensure Refiners maintain a consistent and accurate visual representation of the LBMA Good Delivery Refiner logo. Correct application of these guidelines will support LBMA in building a clear and consistent recognition of its brand and will serve to reinforce the brand values.

If a Refiner requires guidance with the application of the LBMA Good Delivery Refiner logo, LBMA’s PR Officer should be contacted.

LBMA requests Refiners to use the 2018 version of the LBMA Good Delivery Refiner logo provided upon request with these guidelines.

1. Guidance on Logo use

  • LBMA prefers Refiners to use the stacked version of the logo wherever possible.
  • The logo should only be reproduced in two colours - gold and silver, with the name in black or white. Never reproduce it in any other colours.
  • Maintain a clear and uncluttered space around the logo to maximize the visual impact of the brand.
  • Always position the logo away from other text, graphic and other design elements.
  • Always maintain a minimum clear space between the logo and the edge of the page, package or colour field.
  • Minimum size - setting the logo no smaller than 24mm wide for printed materials will ensure that the logo is always easy to read.
  • Always ensure that there is a significant contrast between the logo and the background. The preference would be to set the logo on a solid white or black background where possible.
  • Never use the logo without the word “Good Delivery Refiner” or any of LBMA logos.

2. Where can the Good Delivery Refiner logo be used?

Refiners may use the logo according to the guidelines given above in the following instances:

  • Website i.e. homepage footer, specific pages within the site, e.g. products and services, Responsible Sourcing and pages relating to certifications.
  • Any promotional, marketing or advertising material or literature, including newsletters, brochures and Annual Reviews.
  • Company stationery e.g. letterheads and business cards.
  • Specifications for gold and silver products and accompanying documentation relating to large 400 oz gold products and 1,000 oz silver Bars. However, logos should not be used on certificates for any other gold and silver products in such a way that implies approval, acceptance or endorsement of such products and/or services by LBMA.
  • Alongside the LBMA RSP certificate on the Refiner’s website.

3. Logo Use

LBMA’s brand mark is elegant and precise. It reflects LBMA’s core values of leadership, integrity and trust.

LBMA Good Delivery Refiner logo is a visual representation of LBMA brand and the basis of its identity. Correct use of the logo is therefore of great importance to LBMA.

There are stacked and horizontal versions of the logo. Different versions have been developed for different output requirements e.g. CMYK for print and RGB for online.