June 11, 2020

ASM Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Neil Harby, Chief Technical Officer, LBMA; Jennifer Peyser, Senior Mediator & Director of Ethical Resource Program, RESOLVE.

Neil Harby (CTO, LBMA) and Jennifer Peyser (Senior Mediator and Director of Ethical Resource Program, RESOLVE) discuss the LBMA and OECD’s recent Call to Action, before turning their attention to the importance of ASM to LBMA, why we’re getting involved and what issues are being faced in the current global environment. Neil and Jennifer assess the action already being taken across the industry, such as supporting reliant communities, and the future of ASM.

Jennifer presented the findings of the CRAFT Code, published with the Alliance for Responsible Mining, which looks to bridge the gap for ASM workers engaging in formal trade and helps to expand trade between legitimate ASM producers and refiners, banks and other supply chain actors.

This webinar is CPD Accredited. For more information, please contact events@lbma.org.uk.