May 27, 2021

ESG & Mining

Neil Harby, Chief Technical Officer, LBMA; Grant Beringer, Group Sustainability Executive, Barrick Gold Corporation; Edward Bickham, Senior Advisor, World Gold Council.

Neil opened the discussion by remarking that the ESG discussion had transitioned to the forefront of focus across the industry. “ESG is nothing new,” said Grant about Barrick Gold, “it’s entrenched in our DNA. ESG should move from the margins to the forefront – and we believe that investors and stakeholders asking questions about sustainability is a good thing.”

Edward outlined how actors along the supply chain have been consulted as to what exactly the ESG agenda should be, according to the 51 principles of the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP). “Investors need to be able to ask the questions, and miners should be able to answer them,” agreed Neil.

Edward added that the idea of standards is certainly not new, but that the RGMP provide a strong framework: “It’s not easy, which is why three years have been provided – and it will be demanding.”

Watch the full webinar to find out more about how the larger institutional investors are using ratings information, the importance placed on community relationships, and how it is crucial to enable discussions, engagement and partnerships between stakeholders – and even between large and artisanal small-scale mines.

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