March 25, 2021

Geoforensic Passport of Mined Gold

Dr Stewart Murray, GDL Consultant, LBMA; Dr Barbara Beck, Lecturer, University of Lausanne; Dr Jonathan Jodry, Head of Laboratories & New Business Development, Metalor Technologies.

For those of you that missed LBMA’s Ninth Assaying and Refining Digital Conference 2021, one of the headlining sessions was undoubtedly the joint announcement by the University of Lausanne and Swiss refiner, Metalor, that they have developed a “Geoforensic Passport” – a breakthrough scientific approach that validates the origin of doré received by refineries. This project was co-funded by the Swiss Government through Innosuisse, together with Metalor Technologies.

The process allows refiners to systematically analyse the DNA of every shipment of doré, determine if its origin corresponds to its stated source, detect any inconsistencies and identify gold of dubious origin. This approach is now routinely used at Metalor to scientifically confirm the origin of the doré received at its refinery.