Sponsors and Exhibitors

We would like to thank all our event sponsors and exhibitors listed below. Sponsor and exhibitor opportunities are now closed for this year, but you can enquire for 2024 by emailing conference@lbma.org.uk.

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Booth 1

Brinks is the world’s largest cash management company. Our strong market position is supported by a new leadership with a proven track record of success, a strategic long-term strategy to drive growth and the financial strength to continue to capture market share.

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Booth 2

Onsa Refinery is a group company of Altinbas Holding based in Istanbul Turkey. Onsa provides such services as assaying, refining of Au, Ag, Pt, Pd. Onsa produces fine minted ingots, cast bars, grain, alloys, powder and salts and chemicals according to the client’s requests. Our Recycling Division specializes in processing wastes containing PGM: spent carbon, copper hydroxide sludge, Slugs and E-waste.

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Booth 3

Paxos is redefining financial infrastructure. Our blockchain solutions tokenize, custody, trade and settle assets for enterprise clients, enabling the trustworthy and instantaneous movement of any asset at any time. As the economy evolves more rapidly than ever before, we are committed to the innovation that will make its new financial system a reality – and by working within regulatory frameworks, we’re creating an ecosystem built with integrity.

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Booth 4

Al Etihad is one of the largest and fastest growing gold & silver refineries in this region. Established in 2009, the company can trace its origins from the traditional gold souks formed by Bahrain's Khalaf family in the late 1940s.

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Booth 5

Phosphonics manufactures patented functional silica to recover pgms from liquid process and waste streams. We can recover even single digit ppms of pgms in preference to other metals in the stream. Our high loading ( from 20-80g/litre of stream) makes the process highly effective and financially rewarding.

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Booth 7

Since the foundation in 2011, Nanografi Nano Technology has been manufacturing and supplying advanced nano- and micromaterials materials, carbon materials, graphene, graphene oxide (GO) reduced graphene oxide (rGO), carbon nanotubes (CNT), wafers, sputtering materials, electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors as well as industrial equipment. We are proud to have gained the experience of working and cooperation in the market of over 100 countries worldwide.

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Booth 8

Tera Automation is based in Arezzo, one of the largest precious metals industries hubs in the world located in the heart of Italy. The mission of our company is to provide advanced solutions for the automation of industrial production processes. It is specialized in the design and production of customized automated systems for the precious metals processing and of flexible robotic solutions.

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Booth 9

We’re the global experts on gold.

Leveraging our broad knowledge and experience, we work to improve understanding of the gold market and underscore gold’s value to individuals, investors, and the world at large.

We develop standards, expand access to gold, and tackle barriers to adoption to stimulate demand and support a vibrant and sustainable future for the gold market. From our offices in Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai, and Singapore, we deliver positive impact worldwide.

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Booth 10

Koras operates in the fields of dental technology, electroplating and the recycling of precious metals.

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Booth 11

IBI International Logistics provides secure logistics solutions for high value cargo around the globe and is a committed member of the global precious metals market. We provide innovative solutions from "Mines to Market" servicing all parties in the production of precious metals. We are proud to be full members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and Affiliate members of the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). Through strategically located offices and assets, combined with a global network of partners and affiliates, IBI are able to provide a first class customer experience giving you peace of mind in the movement of high value commodities.

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Booth 13

Alitheon provides the last solution you will need for authentication, identification and traceability of parts and products with our fail-proof, simple to use FeaturePrint system.

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Booth 14

IKOI is a technology provider for the precious metal industry worldwide. Thanks to our expertise and continuous research and development, we provide innovative products and sustainable solutions for precious metal refiners and recyclers. Widely recognised as market leader in our sector, we continue to strive towards perfection, to offer the best solution for our customers and stakeholders in the industry.

Our solutions help refiners to achieve quality, efficiency and accurate metal control throughout every production step.

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Booth 15

The SOLIT Group, founded in Wiesbaden in 2008, is one of the leading German precious metal trading companies. With its wide range of products, ranging from physical precious metals to various storage concepts, precious metal savings plans and investment funds based on real assets, it offers suitable solutions for many different types of customers.

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Booth 17

The Reserve is building what will be one of the largest vaults, with capacity to store 15,500 metric tons of silver and gold, in one of the safest jurisdictions globally, Singapore. We will be storing not just precious metals, but also lifestyle assets such as luxury watches, fine wine and spirits, and art pieces. Services include authentication, digitization, and collateralization and safe deposit boxes. We will also provide meeting spaces, workspaces, and a venue for hosting high end events.

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Booth 18

Responsible Gold is conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold with blockchain-based irrefutable proof of provenance and supply chain traceability. It is available in physical format (XRG) and in digital format as G-Coin Token.

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