Feb 19, 2024

Programme Updates

With the Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing Summit just over a month away, we are pleased to be able to announce even more sessions from our packed agenda.

Session 1: Collaboration and Convergence on Gold Supply Chain Climate Plans and Actions

This session will summarise the status and discuss the progress and aspiration for a coherent sectoral Transition Roadmap to facilitate industry-wide progress on decarbonisation and resilience. Moderated by John Mulligan (World Gold Council) and featuring a panel consisting of Michelle Richardson (Royal Canadian Mint), Iris Van der Veken (Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030), and Emma Leith (La Mancha Resource Capital).

Session 3A: Challenges, Geopolitical Impacts and Industry Responses in Responsible Sourcing

This session will provide an update on emerging trends, drivers and challenges in responsible sourcing across the precious metals supply chains. It will be moderated by Louis Marechal (OECD) and feature a distinguished panel consisting of Xavier Miserez (MKS PAMP), Thierry Vircoulon (French Institute of International Relations), and David Soud (IR Consilium).

Session 4: Role of Social Responsibility

Moderated by Jennifer Peyser (RMI) and a panel made up of Estelle Levin-Nally (Levin Sources), Marianna Smirnova (RMI), and Joanne Lebert (Impact), this session will question what direction industry initiative and companies are moving to in the ESG space.

There will also be a moderated debate session covering the topics:

  • What is responsible recycled gold?
  • Are climate targets realistic and does the precious metals industry have anything to contribute?

This agenda is extensive but by no means complete. Don't miss out on your space at the Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing Summit.