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The LBMA organises events for Members and Associates throughout the year including Conferences, Seminars and Webinars.

The LBMA's annual conference and regular seminars feature leading experts from the precious metals market who provide an insightful assessment of topical issues affecting the precious metals market. The LBMA also arranges more informal social events for Members, Associates and guests including an Annual Party and a Biennial Dinner. View all of the forthcoming and past events, using the search facility below, which can be filtered to sort by LBMA or Non-LBMA events, the type of event or where it is taking place.

LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2014 - Lima More

Forthcoming Events / Past Events

Dubai Precious Metals Conference 2014 - Dubai, UAE

6-7 April, 2014

Denver European Gold Forum - Zurich, Switzerland

8-11, April 2014

11th International Gold & Silver Symposium - Lima, Peru

20-22 May, 2014

Hong Kong Precious Metals Summit - Hong Kong, China

29-30 May, 2014

IPMI 38th Conference - Orlando, Florida

7-10 June, 2014

LBMA Bullion Market Forum - Singapore

25th June 2014


11th July 2014

Diggers & Dealers Forum 2014 - Kalgoorlie, Australia

4-6 August, 2014

XII International Platinum Symposium - Yekaterinburg, Russia

11-14 August, 2014

Denver Gold Forum 2014 - Denver, USA

14-17 September, 2014

CME Group Precious Metals Dinner - New York, USA

17 September, 2014

LBMA Precious Metals Conference 2014

9 - 11 November, 2014