About Us

Independent Authority

LBMA ensures the highest levels of leadership, integrity and transparency for the global precious metals industry by advancing standards and developing market solutions.

Market solutions

We identify the needs of the market and find solutions to improve systems and processes.

Physical markets

To support trading and physical settlement we are exploring how technology can strengthen supply chain provenance.

Financial markets

We want to ensure that the trading business not only grows but that it is attractive to new and existing clients and participants. Until we launched our LBMA Trade Data reporting service, market liquidity had been hard to quantify. Now LBMA Trade Data is improving transparency and demonstrating liquidity in the Loco London Precious Metals Market.

Loco London Precious Metals Market

The Loco London Market is the largest and oldest financial market for precious metals in the world. Participants and clients around the world take part in tailored transactions through principal-to-principal trading. In this film, Paul Fisher (Chairman) and Ruth Crowell (Chief Executive) discuss the central role that LBMA plays from setting standards on the purity, form and provenance of the bars and how they are traded.

LBMA: Who we are


The average daily volume for gold is US$60+ BN