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Clearing Data

Daily average for January month 2021

Gold $35.1bn

Silver $6.7bn

London Vault Holdings

End January 2021

Gold 9,602t

Silver 34,346t

LBMA Trade Data

12 week moving average value of trades for the period ending 28 February, 2021.

Gold $299.2bn

Silver $58.1bn

LBMA Webinar

29 April 2021 12:00 BST

Responsible Sourcing Webinar

Join us for a webinar on Responsible Sourcing with Alan Martin, LBMA's Head of Responsible Sourcing.

LBMA & Industry Events

12 June 2021

IPMI 45th Annual Conference

1 July 2021


1 December 2021

LBMA Annual Dinner 2021

3 March 2022

LBMA Annual Party 2022