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Clearing Data

On average, more than 20 million ounces of gold is cleared daily in the London market and in excess of 200 million ounces of silver. Here you will find the latest monthly figures for gold and silver – with platinum and palladium coming soon.

Our clearing data represents the net volume of transfers of gold and silver physically held in London – known as Loco London – settled between the four LBMA Market Maker banks that own and operate London Precious Metals Clearing Limited (LPMCL).

Clearing Most Recent Figures

May 2022

The volume of gold transferred in May increased by 0.1% month on month (m/m) to 18.3 mn, with the corresponding value transferred down 4.3% m/m to $33.7 bn. There were 5,122 transfers, 11.9% higher m/m, with the clearers settling on average 3,562 ounces per transfer, 10% lower m/m.

For Silver, the volume of ounces transferred increased by 4.6% m/m to 243.9 mn ounces, with the corresponding value transferred down 6.68% m/m to $5.34 bn. The number of transfers increased by 11% m/m to 1,798, with the clearers settling on average 135,698 ounces per transfer, 5.8% lower m/m.

The average gold/silver price ratio in May was 84.4 up from 78.8 in April.

The data is collected and published monthly and is based on daily averages.

The statistics include:

  • Loco London transfers from one party in a LPMCL clearing member's books to another party in the same member's books, or in the books of another LPMCL clearing member.
  • Physical transfers and shipments by LPMCL clearing members.
  • Transfers over LPMCL clearing members' accounts at the Bank of England.

The statistics exclude:

  • Allocations for LPMCL clearing members where the sole purpose is to reduce overnight credit exposures.
  • Physical movements arranged by LPMCL clearing members in locations other than London.