Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing Assurance Providers: Overview

All Good Delivery refiners and new applicants must engage an independent third-party assurance provider from our Approved Assurance Providers List to conduct annual Responsible Sourcing Assurance.

We manage our Approved Assurance Providers List to ensure assurance providers meet the stringent standards we expect.

Assurance Providers are required to demonstrate fulfilment of the requirements detailed in LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing: Third Party Assurance Guidance. Assurance Providers must carry out third-party audits based on the ISAE 3000 Standard. To become accredited, assurance providers must submit an application form providing details of their relevant experience, skills and quality control and governance processes. To receive an application form, please contact

We engage with assurance providers through training sessions and webinars, but most importantly through robust quality control. Ongoing review and enforcement of Approved Assurance Provider requirements are important elements for the credibility of our Responsible Sourcing Programme. We review assurance providers accreditation and performance annually to ensure they continue to meet our requirements.

Assurance providers are also required to demonstrate they fulfil the requirements detailed in our third-party guidance.

To view the third party assurance guidance, the current list of approved assurance providers, the assurance provider toolkit, or to complete a non-conformance report or submit an application for approved assurance provider status, click on the relevant file to download.