Prices and Data

LBMA Precious Metal Prices

International prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The LBMA Gold and Silver Price benchmarks are the global benchmark prices for unallocated gold and silver delivered in London, and are administered by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited. A licence is required from IBA in order to obtain and use real-time or historical LBMA Gold and Silver Price data, including for pricing and valuation activities and in transactions and financial products. Please contact for details on how to obtain the requisite licence and where to access the data. Please see IBA's website for further information.

The LBMA Platinum and Palladium Price is administered independently by the London Metal Exchange (LME). LME licences its data for a wide variety of purposes, including distribution and the creation of derived products. Particular uses of the LBMA Platinum and Palladium prices require a usage licence. For information on licensing arrangements relating to these prices, please refer to the LME website.