Training and Education

LBMA offers a selection of training and educational courses to allow anyone interested in precious metals to learn more about the market.

LBMA Virtual Training Course | An Introduction to Loco London

This live virtual course offers a detailed and definitive primer for any investor or institution looking to understand and take part in the global precious metals market.

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LBMA Virtual Training Course | How to use Loco London

Perfect for any investor or institution looking to understand more about the products traded in the largest and oldest gold market in the world.

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Vault Operators Training

The Vault Operators Training provides all the learning resources and assessment tools needed to ensure vault operators apply the same high standards as the London Vaults.

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Need your own bespoke course?

We can create bespoke training on the bullion markets, tailored to your needs and in time zones suitable for your global teams. Contact for more details.