Good Delivery

How to apply for Good Delivery accreditation

Are you a refiner? Find out how you can gain accreditation to our Good Delivery Lists, which set the stringent standards that facilitate trade in gold and silver bars.

To be accredited to the Good Delivery List, refiners must undergo stringent checks. LBMA is unlikely to regard your application for listing favourably unless you have:

  1. Been in existence for at least five years and been refining the metal for which you are applying for Good Delivery status for not less than three years.
  2. An established annual refining production (which need not be in the form of standard bars) of not less than 10 tonnes for gold, or not less than 50 tonnes for silver.
  3. A tangible net worth of not less than the equivalent of £15 million.
  4. Ownership, financial standing and reputation that would satisfy the Due Diligence tests practised in the Loco London Market.
  5. The applicant must implement LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing Programme and pass an independent audit prior to submitting their application for Good Delivery Listing.

For questions about the application process, please contact for more information.