Reference Materials

Certified Reference Materials are used by analytical laboratories to calibrate analytical equipment and are available for purchase from LBMA.

As part of our promotion of quality and good practice in the refining and trade of gold and silver, LBMA produces and sells Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). CRMs are available to any laboratories that want to calibrate their analytical equipment using LBMA standards.

There is currently only one gold CRM available. AuRM3 is intended to be used for the validation of instrumental methods for determining the concentration of trace metallic impurities in gold, such as X-ray fluorescence and optical emission spectrometry, using spark or inductively coupled plasma.

Format: AuRM3 is a disc of 30mm diameter and 5mm thickness with a weight of approximately 66.7g.

Ordering LBMA Certified Reference Materials: Please download the order form below, or email us for more information at

Download Order Form for AuRM3

Download the LBMA Gold Reference Material Certificate of Analysis - AuRM3

Price: Fixed cost + variable cost of the shipping fees and value of gold content based on current gold price.

The development of new gold and silver certified reference materials is in progress. Please continue to check here for further updates on when these will become available to purchase