About Us

Terms of Reference for the LBMA Public Affairs Committee

Its general purpose is to:

  1. Publicise the role and function of the LBMA;
  2. Disseminate of market-related information; and
  3. Provide opportunities for debate and social interaction among market participants.

Its general activities are to:

  1. Develop the programme and structure of the annual LBMA Precious Metals Conference;
  2. Suggest content for LBMA publications, in particular the quarterly Alchemist magazine;
  3. Supervise the organisation of seminars and social functions.
Reporting line: LBMA Executive Committee.
Delegated authorities: Advises the LBMA Executive when required.
Chair: Chair proposed by Committee and endorsed by LBMA Executive Committee.
Term of Chair/Vice Chair: Three years where by there must then be an election. Members are permitted to serve two terms.
Membership: Eight members appointed.
Observers: N/A.
Quorum for meeting: A majority of the Committee.
Decision making rules: Consensus across the Committee.
Minimum frequency of meetings: Eight times per year.
Location: LBMA offices.