Spotlight on New Members: Sequel

Shelly Ford

By Shelly Ford
Alchemist Editor and Digital Content Manager, LBMA

What were the reasons for you wanting to join LBMA and what do you see you see as the key benefits of membership?

LBMA is a well-respected organisation that is committed to promoting the highest standards of integrity in the global bullion market. As a company that offers services dedicated to the precious metals industry, we believe that being part of LBMA will enable Sequel to stay informed with industry trends, connect with other industry professionals, and contribute to initiatives that promote responsible practices.

As an LBMA affiliate member, Sequel Logistics can access and contribute to LBMA's extensive resources and expertise, enabling both Sequel and the fraternity to further strengthen capabilities.

Could you tell us about your company's role in the precious metals market?

Sequel is engaged in managing the logistics and supply chain of key stakeholders in the precious metals market that includes the refiners, supplying banks, importing banks, bullion traders, metal exchange trading platforms, jewellery retailers and government institutions.

Please tell us the background and history of the company.

Founded in 2004, Sequel owns and manages a global logistics network that is robust, secure, technology-driven, and designed to specifically manage the supply chain of valuable consignments. The trust earned over the last 19 years of operation reflects in the critical on-going projects that are managed by Sequel for various government institutions and international and domestic banks. At present, Sequel is one of the largest precious logistics companies in India.

What factors do you expect to impact your business in the short to long term?

In the short term, factors like geopolitical situations and financial market condition impact the gold prices and hence the demand and volumes.

In the long term, robust and stable statutory laws and regulations around duty structure, Free Trade Zone, local Goods and Services Tax laws, the digital interface with various stakeholders, and close coordination with local law enforcement will help in efficient management of operations and security.

What are your future plans for the business in the coming years?

Sequel’s long-term vision is to offer relevant, comprehensive, compliant, and sustainable logistics and supply chain services and solutions to the precious commodities market. Over the last two decades, Sequel has built a robust vaulting and logistics network in India, which is one of the largest jewelry and precious commodities markets in the world. Our plan is to further penetrate the Indian market and expand our reach and services from 500 towns to 1,000 towns in the next two to three years.

Shelly Ford

By Shelly Ford
Alchemist Editor and Digital Content Manager, LBMA

Shelly supports the Head of Communications to create and develop content across digital channels that engages the LBMA’s key stakeholders and supports the organisation’s vision and objectives. She brings a wealth of content creation, strategy, and campaign experience from previous roles in the professional and financial service industries, as well as Lloyd’s of London insurance market and publishing houses.