Spotlight on New Members: ZIEMANN GROUP

Shelly Ford

By Shelly Ford
Alchemist Editor and Digital Content Manager, LBMA

We welcome ZIEMANN GROUP as an Affiliate Member of LBMA

What were the reasons for you wanting to join LBMA and what do you see as the key benefits of membership?

We are convinced that the gold market will continue to grow in the coming years. An important building block in this development, from our perspective, will be the market gaining transparency, building further trust and thus reaching new customer segments. LBMA makes an excellent contribution here, which we support with our membership. We see the advantages of our membership in the following:

  • participating in numerous networking events,
  • listening and learning from the comprehensive experience of other Members,
  • engaging in discussions,
  • contributing ideas and knowledge and actively shaping the market.

Tell us about your company’s role in the precious metals market?

We trade, move and store precious metals. As a precious metal trader, we offer all common investment metals to a variety of banks and precious metal traders in Germany through our online platforms. In addition, the assembly, storage and shipping to end customers via fully integrated interface is a major advantage for banks and precious metal traders.

With our brand myVALOR and our online shop, we offer private customers – in Germany and neighbouring European countries – precious metals with attractive conditions.

What’s the background and history of the company?

ZIEMANN GROUP was founded in 1961 and is one of the largest cash-in-transit companies in Germany and the Netherlands, with over 3,200 employees at 35 locations. ZIEMANN VALOR was founded in 2011 and is the expert in the field of precious metals within ZIEMANN GROUP.

Thanks to the close collaboration with ZIEMANN GROUP companies and the associated access to high-security vaults and cash transport vehicles, ZIEMANN VALOR can offer attractive end-to-end solutions to its customers.

What factors do you expect to impact your business in the short to long term?

The closure of bank branches and the associated decrease in the availability of precious metals in local areas will strengthen the demand for professional online trading providers in Germany. In this context we also see our partnership with TRiSOR as a benefit, through which we will offer precious metals and safe deposit boxes at numerous locations throughout Germany in the future.

In the long term we see the challenge in ensuring a seamless documentation of the supply chain for gold coins or gold bars for ESG-compliant precious metal trading. Our LBMA membership and partnership with aXedras will play a central role in this.

What are your future plans for the business?

Our goal is to continue developing and being able to offer our customers further intelligent and efficient solutions based on the comprehensive infrastructure of ZIEMANN GROUP. As a flexible unit within the company group, we aim to be a driver of innovation and to provide pragmatic answers to digital transformation in collaboration with our partners.

Shelly Ford

By Shelly Ford
Alchemist Editor and Digital Content Manager, LBMA

Shelly supports the Head of Communications to create and develop content across digital channels that engages the LBMA’s key stakeholders and supports the organisation’s vision and objectives. She brings a wealth of content creation, strategy, and campaign experience from previous roles in the professional and financial service industries, as well as Lloyd’s of London insurance market and publishing houses.