Ruth Crowell, LBMA CEO

LBMA has published the results of its Member survey, conducted by an independent research consultancy, to understand sentiment towards LBMA, its strategic objectives and its Membership offering.

Qualitative and quantitative research sought feedback from Members, Refiners and Subscribers on how LBMA is delivering against its strategic objectives – and how appropriate these objectives are. It also consulted on the key pillars of our new Strategic Plan 2022-2024, and checked sentiment on the quality of benefits associated with LBMA membership, as well as LBMA’s publications, events, and other tactical communications.

All LBMA Members were invited to complete an online survey, and qualitative research was conducted in the form of confidential interviews using a third party, which ensured the feedback was anonymous, confidential and uncensored.

“We wanted to offer Members, Refiners and other key stakeholders an opportunity to provide meaningful feedback and have a say in the future direction of the Association,” said Ruth Crowell, LBMA CEO.

“The survey revealed a Member Satisfaction rate of 67%, which we aim to increase to 75% by December 2024. The feedback is already shaping our Strategic Plan for 2022-24 and our more immediate key priorities for 2022 – and how we communicate these plans."