Our AGM will be taking place virtually on Thursday, 7 July 2022 at 12:00PM BST, followed by an in-person networking reception at 4.30pm at the LBMA office.

Board Election – Market Makers & Full Member

Each year LBMA holds an election for Members of its  Board  at its General Meeting. Board Members serve two-year terms, so the annual elections alternate between Full Member representatives and Market Maker representatives. This year, the three Full Member representatives are up for election. The existing Full Member representatives are all eligible to stand for re-election, provided they have not exceeded their maximum ten years of service. We expect one current Board Member not to stand.

This annual rotation between Full Member and Market Making Member representatives ensures Board Membership is reconfirmed each year and new directors or senior employees of Full Members or Market Makers are potentially able to join on an annual basis. It also ensures continuity through the Board Members who are not up for election.

Nominations Open – Next Week

Market Makers, Full Members and Affiliates will be invited to send nominations for Board Members in week commencing 30th May 2022. Nominees must be directors or senior employees of Full Members. Affiliates cannot join the Board, but they can nominate Board members and vote in the election.

The Board is Chaired by independent Non-Executive Director, Paul Fisher. Full details of current Board Members as well as Terms of Reference and minutes are all publicly available on the LBMA website.  

Voting Procedures

Once the nominees have been announced on Monday, 27th June 2022, official contacts for Market Makers, Full Members and Affiliate Members (or their designated proxy) are eligible to vote. If you are not sure who your official contact is, please contact Membership Coordinator josh.robins@lbma.org.uk.

Joining the LBMA Board & Sub-Committees

How to Join LBMA Committees – Get Involved!

Currently, we have a vacancy on the Finance Committee as well as upcoming Board Elections in July. Our Regulatory Affairs Committee as well as User Group always have space for new interested members. Reach out to the LBMA Team to learn more and apply. 

Virtual Cup of Tea with the CEO

If you would like to find out more about the LBMA Board and Sub-Committees - including how they set our strategic and business vision and hold LBMA accountable – please reach out for a briefing and a virtual cup of tea with Ruth Crowell (Chief Executive, LBMA).